Hello, I am Marie Antoinette and this is my webspace.

About me:

  • I have four children.
  • I am the queen of France.
  • I am from the Holy Roman Emperor.
  • I enjoy the finer things in life.
  • I love the arts and I enjoy my wealth.
    Many people in Europe would die to be where I am right now.
    Here is a portrait of me at my most elegant state, which I commisioned for myself in 1783.

    My blog.

    Of course all queens need to have a blog, thanks to modern technology, I can record my life as ruling France!
    I am extremely busy, so please bear in mind that I will not able to update this, as I am the queen of France. These blog entries are organized from most recent to least recent.


    I am going on trial! I cannot believe this!

    The French people want to accuse me! It should be other way around!
    I cannot believe my own country has turned aganist me because, they are jealous of my luxury?
    I will surely update as soon as I can.


    I regret to inform you that my husband, Louis XVI, has been killed.
    I haven't been able to update this website because, I have not been able to obtain access to the World Wide Web.
    However, do not feel synthny for me. I was tired of him anyways, he was a lazy husband who could not even give me the luxuries I wanted!
    Let's talk about me, the more important person here. I have recently been imprisioned and it is awful. I keep asking my large collection of silk dress but, I only get yelled by the guard. This is one of the lower points of my life.


    Hello, I am Marie Antoinette. I have recently discovered the computer. I enjoy technology and I frequent fashion websites. I have decided to start a website for myself, however this will a personal record of major events in my life. I am a queen, so you can imagine how hard it is to write often! There are so many silk dresses to try on, so many times I need to scold my husband, and so many revelutionaries at my door! By the end of the day, I am exhausted.
    Today, the Bastille was stormed. I have so much hatred for those peasants, they do not understand the hardships of running a country! The multiple threats our monarchy has gotten is so large! It is really frightening so I generally buy myself a nice potrait for myself to remind me how much of a good queen I am.