From the desk of Jean-Paul Marat.

Hello, My name is Jean-Paul Marat. I am journalist who cares deeply for the future of my country.

Facts about me

  • I am one of the most well known political activists of the French Revolution
  • I am a jack of many trades, I am a journalist and politcian as well as a physician and a scientist.
  • I was born in Prussia in 1743.
  • A self portait of me.

    Many of my works have been seemed as harsh or too radical and have been critized. However, I write for the intrests of the 3rd Estate and the 3rd Estate only. Anyone who disagrees with my work does not want the revolution to happen. Due to my high profile political works, I've had to go into hiding multiple times. I've hidden in sewers of Paris due to that I have developed an extremely painful skin condition. I usually lay in my bath majority of the time as it help sooth my skin. Since I spend so much time in the bath, I have decided to create a website where you can learn more about me on the WWW (World Wide Web!).

    Something exciting...

    Recently, I have invited a lady to my house by the name of Charlot Corday who seems to have some information. I am very excited as I am too ugly to get out of my bath because, my face looks like it is rotting. I will keep updated if she brings some actually useful information.

    Website was last updated on July 13th, 1793